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Guest Post by Bob Hankins, VP, Storage Solutions

A large number of CIOs have identified a “don’t fix it unless it’s broken” approach to storage, and this can be a major problem for an IT department. It is very difficult to move forward while your IT is living in the past. Since storage is the heart of IT, relying on storage solutions with a basic architecture that was created two decades ago won’t work well with the advanced data archival and retrieving capabilities demanded of companies today.

This brings companies to a fork in the road. They want to have an effective storing center, but most companies’ budgets haven’t gone up, making this difficult to obtain. Therefore most companies are trying to figure out if it will be more costly to maintain the status quo or to pursue new storage innovations.

Logicalis believes that it will be more costly to maintain the status quo. It will become increasingly important to CIOs as they will have more advanced delivery of technical services to deal with. With this in mind here are 3 reasons why CIOs are embracing storage innovations:

  1. Seamless delivery of IT
  2. More value from information
  3. Reduction in risk exposure

Do you agree that it is more costly to maintain the status quo making this ripe? Or is it hype and it isn’t more costly to maintain the status quo?

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