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Recent studies have shown that more than half of organizations are moving to the cloud, and if they are not moving their whole IT department to the cloud then they are at least using some capabilities of the cloud.

Other studies have also shown that organizations that are moving capabilities to the cloud are recognizing cost savings and increased profits. In fact, a recent Rackspace survey of 1,300 companies in the U.K. and U.S. showed that up to 88% of cloud users have seen cost savings and 56% have boosted profits by using the cloud.

The cloud has helped to make these organizations more innovative and strategic, said 60% of respondents, by allowing the IT team to have more time. Organizations said being innovative (32%) along with increased efficiency (55%) and improved employee mobility (49%) were the top benefits their organization saw from using the cloud. And 62% of companies that have saved money by using the cloud plan to invest that money back into the organization to become more innovative.

Has your organization saved time and money by using the cloud? If so would you agree that this is ripe? Or do you disagree that the cloud can save time and money, making this article hype?

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