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IT can use these circumstances as an opportunity to learn what is important to the employees in their business. Looking into the reasons why employees are using the rogue cloud can show IT professionals what they need to work on in their own systems. It might even help them solve problems that they would have otherwise not seen.

While IT professionals shouldn’t overact to employees using the rogue cloud, they still need to search for ways to keep their information secure. Here are 4 ways that listed to manage rogue cloud computing in order to keep your data secure and keep a positive outlook:

  1. Recognize the expansion of rogue cloud
  2. Innovate approaches that help the business manage the risk
  3. Recognize the benefits users are getting from it
  4. Find ways to securely deliver those benefits to the organization at large

Do you agree that IT needs to recognize the benefits of the rogue cloud, and this is ripe? Or is this information just hype?

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