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Guest post by Mike Johnson, Director, Communication and Collaboration Architectures

In 2012 there were over 25 billion apps downloaded from both Google Play and the Apple App store. And 13% of all internet traffic in 2012 was from mobile devices. Facts like these lead CIOs to begin to think “mobile first.”

As a result, CIOs started to consider that they needed to put mobile first. They have started to urge teams to consider how they could work mobile into projects, solutions or investments. They have begun to think about projects with mobile devices and smartphones in mind and challenged their teams to do the same.

Many CIOs have gotten to the point of thinking “mobile first.” But instead of thinking “mobile first,” suggests that IT executives who want to lead their companies into the post-digital future need to begin to think “mobile only.” Now, in the post-PC era, we should consider: Is it time to look beyond viewing mobile as one option, and move towards viewing mobile as the only option?

What do you think? Do you agree that companies that want to move forward need to develop a “mobile only” attitude and this is ripe? Or do you believe this is hype and a “mobile only” attitude isn’t necessary?

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