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Cisco Partner Summit 2013 is officially in the books! Now that we’ve had some time to reflect on our 3 days in Boston, we thought we’d share some final thoughts about the Summit. We’ve uploaded YouTube videos from five of our executives sharing their takeaways, and a few other points below.

Vince at Cisco Summit

  • First, we’re honored to be a part of the Cisco partner network. It was made clear to us throughout the conference that Cisco is absolutely committed to the growth of its partners, and we’re excited for what this means for the future.
  • Several of the speakers emphasized the speed at which technology is changing today, which is simply amazing. At Logicalis, we’re constantly challenged to not just keep up with these changes, but to keep ahead of them. After hearing from so many leaders and innovators last week, we’re energized and excited to get to work, delivering cutting-edge technology solutions for this ever-changing environment.
  • Hearing from Mark Thompson of Virgin Unite Mentors was a truly transformational experience for our team–his thoughts on innovation will stick with us for a long time. Most importantly, we will remember that innovation does not always require betting the farm: “The big winners take a huge number of small bets.”

A big thanks to Cisco for everything we experienced last week. For more detail from each day, take a look at our Day 1, Day 2 or Day 3 recaps. We’ll continue to discuss the Summit on our social media channels as well. See you in 2014!