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Mike JohnsonGuest post from Mike Johnson, Director, Communication and Collaboration Architectures

With BYOD now becoming more widely accepted, some are starting to ask if this might just be the first step towards a larger corporate revolution. Now, not only are many employees using their own smartphones, tablets and even laptops for work, they are demanding that they use their own cloud services, too. What’s next?

We recently saw the first Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise Conference and Expo appear in early June, with seminars on BYOD, BYOS (bring your own service) and more. One of the keynotes at the conference, Gary Hamel of the London Business School, predicted a future that makes BYOD look like just the tiny tip of the iceberg. He sees a future where the hierarchical model is replaced with an emphasis on greater personal responsibility, including widespread policies allowing employees to set their own goals, working where and when they want, using their own judgment as to what will most benefit the organization.

Gary Hamel imagines a “bring your own everything” future.

“What we’ll be seeing next are concepts such as SYOG (set-your-own-goals), DYOJ (design-your-own-job) and AYOE (approve-your-own-expenses),” Hamel said. With the incoming millennial generation representing “the most authority-phobic” group in recent history, Hamel challenges us to consider what workers in just a few years might be demanding from their jobs and employers.

What’s your take? Do you think Hamel’s vision of a more democratic workplace is ripe, and just a matter of time? Or do you think these predictions are hype, and taking things too far? Tell us why in the comments.

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