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A new wrinkle in the BYOD debate has emerged: Should hourly and salaried workers have the same BYOD policy?

There are pros and cons to each. We’ve outlined a few of them below, to help you consider how they might impact your organization:

Which workers are the best fit for BYOD?








  • Allows workers who may not qualify for company-issued devices to tap into the power of mobile technology
  • Creates a significant cost savings for the organization, which now does not need to buy devices for employees


  • Some workers may be upset at the possibility of receiving work-related calls and emails when they’re not on the clock



  • Many always-on employees prefer to only carry one device, since their personal lives blend with their professional lives so often
  • Avoids potential conflict with employees downloading the latest productivity apps before checking with IT


  • All customer contact info could be lost if the employee leaves the company, loses their phone or it is stolen
  • Some employees may not want to implement security controls required for business on their personal devices.

What do you think? Is having separate BYOD policies ripe, and an important step in implementing BYOD, or just hype, and an unnecessary restriction?

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