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Mike Martin

Guest Blogger: Mike Martin, Senior Vice President, Solutions & Services

Gartner predicts that 25% of enterprises will have their own app stores by 2017. Should you consider one for your organization?

Enterprise app stores are the latest response to the “bring your own application” (BYOA) trend, in which employees want to use their own apps on their own devices for work purposes. A study last summer of college-educated workers aged 20-29 found that 30% would use non-approved applications for work, and nearly 70% support a BYOA environment. Since this age group will be quickly moving into positions of responsibility in enterprises, CIOs should start considering how they will confront this potential conflict.

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However, creating an enterprise app store requires an investment of time and money. First, the enterprise must create the platform, and choose which apps to offer initially. The store must also be continuously maintained, to ensure that changing document formats and technology demands are met by the apps available in the store. If employees find that enterprise-approved apps don’t fit their needs, they will likely be quick to revert back to public apps. Brian Prentice, research vice president at Gartner, says that “the primary determinant of success is app supply.” Application leaders must work in close collaboration with end users to ensure that available apps are efficient and enhance productivity.

Do you think the concept of an enterprise app store is ripe, and an appropriate way to manage BYOA? Or is it just hype, and an unnecessary expense?

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