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Kevin Gruneisen

Guest blogger:  Kevin Gruneisen, VP, Data Center Solutions

More organizations are starting to trust the cloud to handle their most sensitive information. Gartner recently predicted that the global cloud computing market will grow 18.5% this year to $131 billion, with business process-as-a-service accounting for 28% of that growth. Another survey by Ponemon found that more than half of business and IT managers around the world now use the cloud to transfer sensitive data, with an additional 31% planning to do so in the next 2 years.

Logicalis cloud security

Some other findings:

  • 37% of respondents take steps to encrypt data as it’s transferred to the cloud, 31% said they encrypted their data before transferring it, and 11% said the cloud provider handled their encryption processes.
  • 29% of organizations manage their own encryption keys for data in the cloud, 23% allow the cloud provider to manage all encryption, and 26% use a combination of both.
  • 57% of those surveyed said they viewed the cloud as a safe place for their data.

Clearly, IT is coming to view the cloud as a secure method for storing data. Do you agree that this is ripe, and the cloud is secure for even very sensitive data, or is this hype?

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