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In our constant goal to stay a step ahead of IT trends, we created an infographic to describe some of what’s currently happening in education technology. We also took a look around the web to see what might be up next for technology in the classroom. Take a look at what we found.

  • Distance learning. For students who live far from their school, or who are unable to go to school, technology offers a solution that many of us never imagined possible. Distance learning, or elearning, is already running strong, but a future where broadband and tablets are commonplace promises to make this a growing trend.
  • Gamification. We’ve all known a student who may have the intelligence to excel academically, but struggles to sit and work quietly in a traditional classroom. For this student, the increasing gamification of learning may be a major breakthrough. With recess becoming shorter or disappearing altogether, younger or more energetic students can learn through technology-enabled games that promote interaction and real-world learning, helping them to retain knowledge and skills better.


  • Better access to information. As today’s young children grow older, they will be more connected than any generation in history. With that, they will be able to access information faster and more efficiently than ever before. And, with their love of technology, will likely embrace new methods to use classroom tech to research, learn and grow in ways we never thought possible.
  • The cloud. We’ve already seen the revolutionary power of tools like the iPad to bring learning to life inside a classroom. But the iPad is limited without its ability to connect to places outside of itself. The cloud offers the ability to connect students and teachers, no matter where they might be physically. Teachers can grade student work and provide feedback quickly, perhaps even before students come to school the next day. They can also communicate with parents and each other to collaborate and help maximize their classroom time. The possibilities here seem almost endless.

We’ve listed just a few of the possibilities we see for the future. Do you think these are ripe, and in reach of the current generation? Tell us what else you think might be the next big thing for education technology on our Facebook or LinkedIn pages.