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Guest post from Mike Johnson, Director UC Architectures & Solutions

As IT leaders, we are well aware of the possibility of company data falling into the wrong hands via BYOD. But a new survey shows that employees are just as nervous about the security of their personal information on BYOD-enabled devices—and it’s not malware threats that have them worried.



According to the research from Aruba Networks, 45% of American employees are concerned that their IT department is accessing information on their personal mobile devices. As a result, 17% of employees have not told their employers that they use a personal device for work, and over 60% of workers say they would not immediately report the theft or loss of a personal device with company data on it. Even more harrowing, 11% said they would never report losing a BYOD-enabled personal device.

There is clearly a fear for the safety of personal information on devices that are accessible by the IT department. When asked directly, nearly a third of American employees are concerned that adding security software will give their employers access to personal data. The survey didn’t ask if employees had any personal experiences of IT snooping–the fears seem to be more about the possibility of this happening.

Do you think this is ripe, and we need to emphasize that IT will not impose on employees’ personal data? And, more importantly, how can we build stronger trust between users and IT?

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