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Mike JohnsonGuest author: Mike Johnson

A new survey shows that tablets contribute less to productivity than desktop computers. This raises the question, are they really helping your bottom line?

The survey, which asked questions of 336 people across various industries, found that just 26% said a tablet helped them increase their productivity, far below the 70% for laptops, 40% for smartphones and even below the 44% who thought a desktop computer improved their productivity. Similarly, 17% of respondents said a tablet was their favorite hardware device, compared to 68% for laptops and 33% for smartphones. Perhaps most significantly, 42% of tablet users said they wouldn’t be bothered if they were no longer able to use the device for work.



“Despite customer and worker demand, tablets are not ideal for personal productivity,” the report concluded, adding that smartphones appear to be a better solution to promote worker mobility. So, are tablets really improving productivity in the workplace, or are they just the “shiny new toy”? Have you noticed tablets increasing productivity in your organization?

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