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Mike MartinGuest author: Mike Martin

At its annual conference this week, Gartner imagined a future where many business tasks are extensively automated. Some of their predictions included:

  • Remote monitoring replacing doctor visits
  • Agricultural sensors will improve efficiencies and crop yields
  • Mining, construction and transportation systems will switch to driverless methods and remove significant labor costs


Overall, Gartner sees an explosion of sensors and robotic technologies that eliminate some labor and automate many routine tasks in business. As a result, new vendors for these technologies will emerge quickly, possibly leaving older companies behind who aren’t able to adapt quickly to the changing landscape. Gartner suggested the creation of a new executive position, the Chief Digital Officer, to help organizations transition into this new future.

All of these predictions seem very Jetson-esque, especially for the near future. Do you think this vision of sensors and robots is just hype, or could this become reality in a few years?

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