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Guest author: Cory Rehfeldt, Collaboration Practice Director

According to KPMG, 60% of mid-market companies plan to increase capital spending in the near future, with the highest priority being information technology.  More specifically, a Forrester Research survey in 2013 also found that 29% of mid-market companies planned to implement a unified communications and collaboration solution within the next 12 months—reflecting a greater awareness of the need to have a UC solution in place in today’s business world.

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With the explosion of mid-market growth and these companies’ increased focus on IT solutions, how will mid-market organizations manage their tight budgets and small IT teams? Mid-market companies need to operate like large enterprises but can only afford mid-market budget solutions—a sticky situation. Concerns around security and ongoing management of the necessary unified communications and collaboration solutions are a priority.  With more and more employees working remotely, BYOD also comes into play, causing a need for more systems and more support.

To help get started, we created the Communication and Collaboration Transformation Journey, a customizable platform that allows any company to assess their readiness for unified communications and take clear steps to get there faster.

Hype or Ripe:  Are mid-market companies going to get the budgetary support they need to ensure they can support unified communications?