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A lot of independent software vendors (ISVs) are hesitant to jump on the cloud bandwagon because they are worried about losing their licensing revenue and the business model changes that can occur. Yet demand from their clients cannot be ignored. More and more clients are looking to take their applications to the cloud. As a result many healthcare ISVs are moving to provide their applications via the cloud.

Those that are making the switch to use the cloud are either building their own clouds or outsourcing this to a cloud provider. This can be a real adjustment, especially when dealing with regulations like HIPAA.

If you are a healthcare ISV, how are you addressing this pressure to move your applications to the cloud? Is it Hype to move your applications to the cloud, or are you already offering or planning to offer your applications in the cloud (Ripe)? We’d love to hear your comments below, too! What are the most important factors you are considering/have considered in this transition?

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