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New research from Logicalis shows that SDN’s rapid maturation may be threatened by a lack of “business translation” skills in the workplace today.

A qualitative study carried out by Logicalis Service Management Consulting (SMC), a leader in European IT Service Management (ITSM), found that SDN has the potential to transform IT networks and data center infrastructures into the agile, flexible service platforms that will revolutionize the way companies provision, consume and manage technology.

Wavebreak Media Ltd /

Wavebreak Media Ltd /

However, this great potential may be tempered by another finding: SDN requires business analysts who can bridge the gap between business and IT, a skill that many are finding is in short supply in today’s labor force. These analysts are essential to the optimal functioning of SDN, acting as the “human interface” between the business and its technical infrastructure. Without workers who can speak “tech” and “business,” SDN will not fully realize its potential in the enterprise.

For now, the study authors recommend that organizations look to service providers to supply these skills, and allow them to move into the future with SDN until the workforce catches up with these skill demands. With SDN projected to grow more than 1000% to a $3.7 billion industry by 2016, it appears the time is now for organizations to get on board.

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