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More and more of today’s enterprises are succeeding with big data by capturing real transformative value that just a short time ago seemed unattainable. Companies in nearly every industry across the globe use big data in real time to increase company value and market share. Big data makes it possible to deliver the kind of business intelligence the C-Suite loves—the kind that comes from legitimate experience with real data and analytics in actual business situations.

If you’re hesitating about taking on your company’s big data challenges, now’s the time for action. To help you get started, Logicalis has published a white paper that presents solutions to the top big data challenges:

  • Identifying all the data you already have
  • Formulating a big data strategy
  • Resolving deployment and budget issues

Real-time big data analytics are now achievable because of a recent technology shift: Instead of accessing secondary storage or external memory (the historical norm database access) enterprises can execute their analytics with in-memory data processing. In-memory computing retains data in primary storage so it can be accessed up to 1,000 times faster than before—in seconds as opposed to days or even weeks.

Fortunately for your organization, the big data tree has already been planted. Many companies have succeeded and already learned the hard lessons. These early adopters are actually seeing results and taking market share from competitors with the help of business intelligence and analytic solutions.

If you’ve delayed taking the necessary steps toward big data and analytics, now’s a good time to make your move. Check out our Making Big Data Work white paper today.