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For ISVs enjoying early success by leveraging the SaaS-delivery model, profitability is a key area to focus on for sustaining long-term success. Since margins can be improved by optimizing the platform on which software is provisioned to customers, it’s worth taking a look at the platform provider.

  • Do they allocate more compute resources than customers really need?
  • As a result, are they over-charging for what the application truly requires?

Achieving a high level of compute-resource optimization—while ensuring the application maintains the ability to scale—requires a close-working partnership with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that offers deep virtualization expertise. MSPs that tailor SaaS platforms specifically for ISVs can create optimal and flexible virtual infrastructures that fully utilize the platform provider’s compute resources provisioning the ISV application.

This ensures the ISV does not pay for production and back-up system servers, storage, networks, security and management tools that go unused or under-utilized. Just as importantly, leading MSPs that rely on advanced monitoring tools can proactively identify when compute resources must expand. Before deploying new hardware, they also consider whether the necessary new compute systems can be simulated using the existing SaaS compute components. That’s where their virtualization expertise comes in handy.

ISVs that have not recently evaluated the virtualization capabilities of their SaaS MSP should do so soon. Only then will they know if the platform runs as lean as possible—with the flexibility to expand when business conditions truly require.

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