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After initial success in migrating from an on-premise delivery model to the SaaS delivery model, a key aspect for software providers to assess is the time-to-value that SaaS delivers. While SaaS inherently accelerates the process significantly compared to an on-premise solution, compressing time-to-value as much as possible remains critical in generating positive cash flows.

When measuring time-to-value, consider these two critical perspectives:

  • How quickly does your app deliver value to your customers, and do you set their expectations accordingly? This requires a deep understanding into your customer ROI timelines and communicating that information clearly. Your app then needs to deliver as promised.
  • How quickly does your app generate revenue? Consider new customer roll-outs as well as version upgrades that generate additional customer fees.

The two perspectives are closely linked. The sooner your customers receive value, the sooner the billing cycle begins!

To compress time-to-value, partner with a cloud provider that understands the nuances of the software provider channel and has constructed an enterprise cloud infrastructure capable of bringing SaaS offerings to market quickly. As part of the evaluation, examine the types of managed services the provider offers. The more sophisticated the offering, the more the cloud provider can free up your time from commonplace, time-consuming tasks like managing the infrastructure, monitoring incident reports and responding to alerts.

Such capabilities allow you to focus on your role in the overall software delivery value chain—so that the time-to-value for all you and your customers shrinks as much as possible.

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