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As customers become accustomed to consuming software through the SaaS-delivery model, it’s critical that ISVs continue to search for new ways to improve their services. A major opportunity in achieving this mission comes in the area of technical support.

The SaaS model greatly enhances technical support given that application performance and user-interaction monitoring tools can clue you in as to when customers might be running into difficulties trying to use your software online. This a great advantage over on-premise software for which ISVs have zero or very limited access.

The key for SaaS-based technical support is to proactively identify and then resolve issues swiftly—ideally before customers experience any problems. And with the right tools provided by your platform Managed Services Provider, you can identify users in real time that might be struggling and reach out to them with the option of an online chat session.

For customers experiencing performance issues you can’t proactively identify, be sure to offer multiple help channels—online chat, online forms, email, phone and click-to-call support that’s also mobile-enabled. Offering all these channels, and making it clear as to how to access each channel, lets customers know you want to help and allows them choose the medium they like best for that particular time.

As is the case with on-premise software, proper staffing levels and trained personnel are also a must. It may make sense to create a larger team of Level I support agents that can handle most of the calls. This ensures your most talented support pros can focus on the most difficult calls while also helping you diminish your overall support costs by lowering the number of high-level technicians you require.

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