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Business users now demand and expect software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud services and enterprise consumerization—with any-where, any-time and any-device access.

But exactly who will provide all this?

To read more about this critical issue faced by all IT leaders, check out the recent  Corp! magazine blog by Logicalis CEO Vince DeLuca. Vince discusses how traditional IT organizations focus on past and present technologies while businesses need future or potential technologies. He also presents how IT organizations can adapt to customer needs by focusing on services that deliver value on-demand and in the same way business users experience their consumer lives.

Another key factor Vince points out is that IT organizations find themselves spending 60-80 percent of their budgets today on “past” category operations. They need to decrease this percentage so they can focus more resources on innovation and agility.

Vince also points out that IT is still the key innovator to enable business growth and to reduce time-to-market for new innovations. A new kind of IT leader must emerge as the linchpin between business requirements and technology capabilities. This requires skills in areas that are very different than traditional IT functions as IT leaders become service brokers for their organizations—not simply the lenses for assessing technology solutions.

CIOs and IT leaders of the future may not come from traditional technology backgrounds at all, Vince adds. The way they think must be built around a new set of principles. They must focus on delivering the best 360-degree user experience. They must also deliver service, value and differentiation—not just speeds and feeds. Traditional key performance indicators (such as up-time and IT productivity) will still be there, Vince emphasizes, but so will new measurements like increased business agility, improved customer experience and time to innovation.

To find out more about what today’s CIOs need to do to in order to become the type of leaders their organizations require, check out the Logicalis white paper, “The CIOs Journey to Leader of an Internal Enterprise Service Provider.”