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Software providers need a vision to evolve successfully from on-premise deployments to SaaS deployments efficiently, profitably and expeditiously. The path presented below helps chart an evolutionary course, with each stage helping software providers to further lower costs and deliver higher-value services:

Step 1—traditional on-premise delivery with no cloud offerings: Software providers at this stage may experience competitive pressure to offer a cloud solution, but they also discover the learning curve is extreme, and it’s hard to find the right SaaS platform provider. An effective partner helps bypass false starts when first launching a cloud offering so software providers can bring their apps to market more quickly.

Step 2—early cloud adoption with a first cloud offering: Many early cloud platforms lack scalability and prove less profitable than on-premise deployments. Software providers may also suffer from customer satisfaction issues. This happens because some SaaS platform partners are not well-versed in supporting software provider business models. But a partner with experience working with software providers can help build a robust and profitable cloud that scales easily, proves secure, offers rock-solid SLAs, and exceeds customer requirements.

Step 3—mature cloud adoption with multiple service-based offerings: As a software provider’s cloud offering matures, it’s time to optimize apps for efficiency and profitability. A platform provider with deep experience improves manageability and customer experiences through automation. Software providers can then go after global markets aggressively while increasing efficiency and profitability.

Step 4—service-defined cloud offering, with pure service-based offerings: Operating a large-scale SaaS platform is complicated, and the risks are high because the platform is now the heart of the business. Leading platform partners help at this stage by enabling software providers to plan, build and operate a world-class SaaS platform—in the software provider’s own data center, a private cloud in the partner’s data center, or with another Tier 1 provider.

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