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With all the data enterprises need to analyze—generated by customers, prospects, business partners, social networks and employees—it’s not just a matter of capturing the data. Enterprises also need to process all that data so they acquire actionable intelligence they can leverage. For many businesses, the process must occur in real time—before information spoils like old fruit and is no longer consumable.

A technology that helps achieve this mission is in-memory databases, which process and analyze data with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Although the technology is not new, it’s one that not all IT professionals fully comprehended in terms of how it can benefit their organizations.

To help you grasp the business value, Logicalis has produced to introduce you to the in-memory database concept. The video presents an overview of the vendor landscape as to which solutions the key players—such as SAP—currently offer.

We also discuss how in-memory databases differ from disk storage systems and the best practices that ensure maximum database performance. In many cases, properly-tuned in-memory databases operate at speeds 100X faster than databases operating on traditional hard drives. We then take a look at what the future holds for in-memory databases. Beyond what the technology delivers today, in-memory databases will deliver even more powerful capabilities in the future.

Without a doubt, in-memory databases have already proven they are not a fad. And with business analytic solutions playing a vital role in the overall health of enterprise organizations, finding out how to deploy the technology to benefit for your company is key.

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