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Your application is solid and running well with a SaaS-enabled delivery model. You are focused on improvement and feature enhancement, and chances are, you also work with a cloud partner who is focused on the infrastructure your software lives on. But that doesn’t mean you can take your eye off the key elements of the delivery and the performance of your application. Be sure to review the following with your cloud infrastructure provider on a regular basis:

  1. The performance of the application itself
  2. The performance of the SaaS infrastructure that runs the software
  3. The customer experience of the solution
  4. New technologies and features offered by your cloud provider that can enhance the experience of your software
  5. The IT services that monitor manage and operationalize all aspects of the solution

Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) across each of these elements promotes continuous improvement and refinement of SaaS solutions. KPIs also allow software providers to measure their solution’s performance across multiple dimensions on an on-going basis.

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