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There are many ways that identifying the right technology partner to SaaS-enable applications is beneficial to software providers and their customers. When considering the guidance a partner can offer in choosing the best technologies as well as help with mastering service-based models and the ability to off-load the heavy lifting on cloud architectures and hosting, software providers stand to gain numerous strategic and operational advantages compared to going it alone.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the primary benefits for software providers and their customers:

Key Customer Benefits

  • More modern application experience: Users value a fresh user interface, and SaaS gives software providers the ability to architect user-friendly solutions that meet customer expectations—particularly those on mobile devices.
  • Accelerated feature delivery: SaaS applications are updated more frequently than traditional software, which benefits both the providers (possible new revenue) and their customers (new features).
  • Reduced support costs: SaaS reduces costs by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance. The software provider can pass the savings to customers while delivering solutions more profitably.
  • Simplified IT: When using a SaaS application, customers don’t have to worry about procurement and complex implementation projects. At the same time, they reduce on-going management and support.
  • Financial: SaaS eliminates capital expenditures. There’s also elasticity and less commitment—customers pay for what they need when they need it.

Key Software Provider Benefits

  • Accelerated time to value and increased revenue: Architecting and implementing SaaS is incredibly time-intensive and labor-intensive. A hosting partner provides the necessary infrastructure, which speeds up go-to-market efforts.
  • Scalability and availability: SaaS features include rock-solid system performance and availability as well as the ability to scale up or down quickly as customer needs change. Leading SaaS partners also provide ITIL-based processes to ensure consistent performance 24×7.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Going to market quickly, providing a modern user experience, accelerating feature delivery, and reducing IT support costs all add up to retaining existing customers while simultaneously adding new customers.

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