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Logicalis has added high-speed, encrypted storage as an option throughout our entire suite of cloud offerings. The addition of solid state disks (also known as flash storage) to our enterprise cloud, dedicated cloud and on-demand public cloud solutions gives our customers the ability to move, store and analyze data faster in a secure format. This means significant performance benefits for busy database servers as well as other applications where accelerating time-to-information is critical.

Flash storage is one way to significantly increase the speed with which data can be accessed while decreasing the footprint in which massive amounts of data can be stored. Cloud customers with I/O-sensitive applications will also gain a significant performance boost by switching to solid state disks. They will appreciate the option to store, transfer and replicate data in an encrypted format.

Four Reasons to Consider Flash Storage in the Cloud

  1. Performance: High-speed, low-latency disks greatly increase the performance of applications limited by disk I/O, such as high-volume databases.
  1. Random I/O: Flash storage also provides exceptional benefits to applications with high levels of random read-and-write operations.
  1. Encryption: Stored data is automatically encrypted, a tremendous benefit to customers managing sensitive data such as healthcare and credit cards.
  1. Replication: With multiple Logicalis storage arrays serving the cloud, clients have the option to replicate data in an encrypted format that provides redundancy and peace-of-mind.

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