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Now that you have built a multi-tenant SaaS environment—where you can roll out updates to your entire customer base all at once—the next key step is to prime the environment for maximum profitability. Here are four ways to reach the next level:

  1. Measure everything you can to identify and remediate pain points such as up-time, user experiences, and technical support. Also identify any inefficiencies such as the customer on-boarding process and how quickly you roll out new features.
  1. By relying on automation and orchestration best practices, you not only avoid the cost of adding additional resources to deploy, manage and support your application, you also accelerate customer access as well as time-to-revenue. Automation and orchestration also eliminate the element of human error, which further delays the time to deploy and roll out updates.
  1. As you compare the cost and performance of your SaaS platform to other platforms, analyze each platform’s set-up. While RAM, CPUs and storage resources may be the same from one platform to another, how you build-out the platforms could be different. There’s also a huge learning curve when changing platforms, so while a lower cost may be too attractive to turn down, the process is a huge undertaking. You likely need the help of a Managed Service Provider with SaaS expertise.
  1. To generate optimal use of your SaaS infrastructure, optimize your spend. That means identifying inefficiencies and realizing that with virtualization you can often generate double the power from a single system rather than buying a new one. And where IaaS platform providers charge hourly for what you use, also consider reducing the resources you pay for when you don’t need them and then turning them back on when you do. If most of your customers rely on you 5×8, you don’t need all resources turned on 7×24.

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