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The ability of SaaS platforms to scale on-demand plays a critical role in the long-term success of software providers. Scalability not only allows you to stay nimble in meeting the demands of customers, but also allows you to fulfill surges in new orders so billing can begin immediately. Every day, week or month your platform provider delays in meeting your scalability requirements creates a slice of lost revenue time you never get back.

The objective of enterprise-focused cloud providers is to deliver scalable computing capacity and advanced services on-demand by leveraging enterprise-class servers, storage and networking infrastructure to support your entire SaaS business—production workloads as well as training, demonstrations, proof-of-concept, testing and development. Yet not all platform providers are alike. When assessing scalability, consider how platform providers stack up across these six areas:

  • The ability to scale to a large number of subscribers
  • Resources that guarantee the same levels of service quality for every customer
  • Flexible SLAs that allow for changing demands and scenarios
  • Readily-available support as the user base grows
  • A proven scalability track record over time
  • Use of load-balancing, virtual servers, and virtual storage

Another key attribute to seek in a SaaS platform provider is the use of a portal leveraging automation and orchestration technology that enables self-provisioning. Anytime you require additional resources, they are there for the taking. And you can act on your own behalf without waiting on anyone else.

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