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To maintain and increase market share, software providers need to focus their expertise and their resources as much as possible on application development. Making sure your application delivers sufficient business value and then expands its features is paramount for sustained, long-term success.

But at the same time, keeping an eye on how your application performs for your customers is also critical. Because monitoring application performance does not require the same skill set as application development—which is likely your core competency—it usually makes business sense to outsource the monitoring process to a trusted partner.

If you rely on a SaaS platform partner to provision your application to your customers via the cloud, they can often step in as your application monitoring partner as well. SaaS providers that leverage the leading application performance monitoring tools can generally offer several key services. Here are a few examples:

  • Measuring your current application performance to generate a baseline understanding of how well your application typically performs and to improve their ability to detect sub-par performance.
  • Sharing detailed information when problems are detected so your app developers can tap into deep root-cause analysis and quickly resolve issues.
  • Providing application and guest OS as well as virtual and host server details to expedite triage.

The leading SaaS providers will also give you full access to view the reports of their application performance monitoring solution so that you can check in at any time to see how things are going. But you will also be able to rest assured knowing that they provide 24×7 monitoring of how well your application is performing for all of your customers.

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