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The Logicalis cloud platform for SaaS, which enables software providers to leverage the cloud-delivery model, features a wide range of hardware and software technologies that continues to expand. One of the more unique capabilities we offer for software providers is the IBM Power System cloud option.

This capability is key for software providers with customers who run their applications using an on-premise IBM Power System platform but are searching for a balance between the aging administrative support for legacy platforms and the over-delivery performance that newer platforms offer. They can now cost-effectively move their legacy Power apps onto the platform offered through our Enterprise Cloud for IBM Power Systems service.

Built on IBM technology, Enterprise Cloud for IBM Power Systems is capable of supporting multi-tenancy cloud environments running AIX and IBM i partitioned servers. The solution also features enterprise-class storage. As part of the Logicalis SaaS platform, this technology is ideal for software providers that rely heavily on the IBM i platform for delivering applications to their customers.

The Logicalis SaaS platform provides a life-extending strategy—moving these apps to the cloud. In addition to a SaaS platform that’s ideal for IBM Power Systems, we also offer expertise in both IBM server architectures and maintaining legacy apps in a cloud environment.

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