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Provisioning your application via the SaaS delivery model has proven to be a wise decision. Your customers enjoy the benefits of the cloud, and your company generates reasonable profits. Yet you can’t stand still. Every business needs higher margins, and if your application does not improve, competitors may steal your market share.

So take a step back and assess exactly how well your app performs in these five critical areas:

  1. Profitably: You may be able to improve margins by changing to a lower-cost cloud platform or by working with a Managed Service Provider that optimizes the compute resources provisioning your application.
  1. Time-to-Value: Can you accelerate your customer on-boarding process and how fast you roll out new features? Doing so speeds up revenue generation.
  1. Scalability: Do you scale quickly enough to fulfill surges in new orders so billing begins immediately? Every month you delay is a month of revenue you never get back.
  1. Performance: Enhancements that optimize navigation make it easier to use your application, which leads to customers interacting with you more often and the development of long-term relationships.
  1. Service Level: In today’s business environment, near 100 percent uptime is mandatory. Does your platform provider experience downtime or periods of poor performance?

Your platform partner and your Managed Service Provider (MSP) directly impact all these areas. If you have not already, now is a good time to assess their performance.

Partnering with a different platform provider can impact profitability if they deliver equal or better services at a lower price. The platform partner also impacts performance, scalability and time-to-value.

A strong MSP can move all five measures in the right direction by optimizing the environment for performance as well as deploying processes to remediate issues before customers notice. A strong MSP can also leverage the leading monitoring, alerting and ITSM tools, which are complicated and require vast experience.

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