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When it comes to Big Data, the key perspective to consider is how your business can monetize all the data you have to work with—so you can capitalize on revenue-generation opportunities, identify areas for reducing operational costs, and drive customer satisfaction.

From a high-level perspective, there are three major types of Big Data for which to develop management plans—customer data, supply chain data and financial data. To create a successful management plan for each area, it helps to consider these five key Big Data pillars:

  • Strategize: What can you do now with the data you already have to drive revenue and cost savings? Then consider what the leaders in your industry are doing and determine which new data sources you need to tap into.
  • Capture: Much of the information you need may already exist on internal systems. There could also be social media data to mine or other external sources. You will need technologies that can capture both unstructured (social media) and structured data (databases).
  • Store: Big Data must remain secure to protect sensitive data while also offering high availability and a well-designed disaster recovery strategy. Storage management can also get quite complex due to the amount of data (some companies store hundreds of terabytes or even petabytes), so you need a strategy that makes the subsequent Analyze pillar process more efficient.
  • Analyze: It’s important to not just deploy technologies that perform historical analysis. You also need to develop the means to perform predictive analytics so you can proactively respond to anticipated market trends.
  • Present: In addition to generating dashboards views that give managers easy views into what has happened and what will take place, you also need event-driven alerts when critical thresholds are breached. This allows the company to respond to urgent developments in real time.

To help take you through these five pillars, Logicalis offers a Big Data workshop that can be customized to your particular needs. We offer experts with which you can delve into all five pillars or focus on just one.

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