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Solution Providers (SP) that have not yet embraced the cloud delivery model are likely feeling competitive pressure. Customers want choices in the way they consume software, and by 2015, experts predict half of all software providers will deliver their applications using a cloud infrastructure model.

But if your software company is on the fence about the cloud, here are seven reasons to start riding the wave right now:

  1. Shortened Implementations: By standardizing software implementations, the cloud reduces deployment times. Implementations are the same time-after-time.
  1. Expanded Customer Market: Consuming software as a service is simpler and offers a different financial model: instead of a large capital expenditure to buy dedicated hardware, customers can package their purchase as a monthly fee that fits into its operational budget.
  1. New Revenue Streams: In traditional software delivery models, providers sell software and maintenance as a package, charging a large one-time payment. With the cloud, that larger single payment can be divided into a monthly annuity stream that continues at a steady, ongoing rate.
  1. Reduced Risk: By selecting experienced cloud partners with proven track records in platform delivery and management—rather than building and hosting the infrastructure in house—SP avoid a lengthy, multi-year learning curve where mistakes inevitably occur.
  1. Greater Flexibility: With a go-to-market plan that includes the cloud, SPs can rely on experienced partners to seamlessly provide the infrastructure and support components they aren’t able to cost-effectively deliver.
  1. Change Management and Monitoring: Leading cloud providers deliver solutions that go beyond just building the environment the software runs on; they also manage and scale the environment while supporting customers, managing SLAs, and overseeing the infrastructure, backup and recovery, automation and orchestration, and even the help desk.
  1. Enhanced Security and Compliance: Cloud providers with data centers that meet the SSAE-16 standard can also help meet customer security and compliance requirements by providing a secure, audited environment.

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