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Security is more than just an insurance policy against data breaches—business leaders also need to consider the benefits. When people hear the word “security,” they most likely think about breaches, firewalls or governance policies that strictly allow or deny access to business information. But security tools also provide deep visibility into a company’s IT infrastructure and a better understanding of how corporate compute resources are used.

Here are seven specific business-enabler benefits that advance security solutions provide:

  1. Investment prioritization: Gain a better understanding of who and how many people use applications within your data center to better support prioritization and investments.
  1. Geolocation data: Learn where customers reside to optimize advertising while also questioning unusual communication patterns to determine if behavior is marketing-oriented or malicious.
  1. Troubleshooting: Security tools give your IT team a baseline for “normal,” which helps isolate faults and get things back online faster.
  1. IT capacity planning: Visibility gives IT a handle on what resources are being used. No one wants to overbuy capacity that sits unused or to be caught short by under buying capacity.
  1. Social media info: Find out how sales and marketing interact with customers and measure interactions by traffic volume. You can also determine which social media outlets are most relevant to customers.
  1. Mobile productivity: With security solutions such as Mobile Device Management, organizations can enable enhanced mobile productivity while maintaining full security and compliance.
  1. User identity verification: Authentication, authorization and accounting tools give network users a rich identity for enforcement of the organization’s security policies—all with a single password, certificate, key fob or fingerprint.

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