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Dev-ops is taking center stage among software providers—particularly as SaaS delivery models speed developer go-to-market capabilities. With fierce competition, software providers are also focusing on continuous product optimization.

They see the value in outsourcing business-critical infrastructure, managed services and the automation of IT operations that fall outside their core competency. Savvy firms also realize that developing new versions or making continuous improvements to their software can be accomplished faster and more cost effectively when they focus on building software—while relying on a trusted partner for everything else.

When selecting a partner, it’s important to identify one that can help you create an end-to-end dev-op solution that integrates IT tools and services with ITIL processes. Partnering with a leading outsource partner can advance your dev-ops processes in three primary areas:

  1. Offloads Infrastructure: The ability to access compute capabilities on demand in the cloud lets you spin resources up and down as needed, which is crucial, particularly in the non-production phase of development.
  1. Improves Management: The leading outsource partners leverage advanced IT service management tools and managed services to create ITIL processes that help your software move swiftly and accurately from development to market.
  1. Embraces Automation: An outsource partner also constantly looks for ways to improve your processes on a regular basis. If you perform the same manual tasks over and over, your partner can help automate those tasks by recommending, implementing and managing ITSM tools that reduce redundancies.

By outsourcing these back-room tasks, you can concentrate on innovation—thus bringing new versions and updates to market faster and more efficiently than ever before!

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