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At the Cisco Partner Summit (April 27-30 in Montreal), Logicalis looks forward to engaging with Cisco leadership on behalf our clients. We expect to delve into many new technology developments that will help our clients solve real-world business challenges through real-time knowledge, workforce collaboration, actionable information and enhanced security protection.

“Our customers are already exploring the technical and business benefits of Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Nexus 9K switches,” says Renae Johnson, VP of Cisco Solutions at Logicalis. “We have thus invested strategically in infrastructure and training to build next-generation IT applications. With Cisco ACI, we can confidently advise clients around the organizational benefits and the increased flexibility to make choices on how and where to provision right-sized workloads based on their application needs.”

The technologies on display at the Cisco Partner Summit underscore how it is imperative for IT and business units to communicate and proactively respond to business needs. The only way to move past the constraint IT faces in trying to shift from keeping the lights on to delivering innovation is by leveraging service providers. By letting service providers take over non-value added workloads, internal IT teams can free up time, talent and budgets to spawn innovation.

“Future IT expertise needs to evolve to service sourcing, creation, integration and management in order to create strategic value and remain relevant in the eyes of their employer,” says Ed Konopasek, the Logicalis Vice President for Cloud & Data Center Solutions. “We agree with the marketplace pundits who point out that most clients will operate in hybrid computing environments by leveraging multiple providers. As a result, we plan to leverage Cisco InterCloud Fabric tools to securely move customer cloud-based workloads between various providers (including the Logicalis cloud) based on the needs of the application.”

Watch for more Logicalis blog updates from the Cisco Partner Summit and visit the Cisco section of our website to learn about the Cisco solutions we offer. Then check out this short video to see how Logicalis and Cisco are partnering to create Tomorrow’s Workplace.