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Medical imaging is complex and largely unmanaged. It presents a hurdle that healthcare CIOs are often unprepared to tackle. Yet medical imaging also plays a pivotal role in the well-being of each patient’s diagnosis as well as short-term and long-term care.

That’s why Logicalis formed a new strategic partnership with Ascendian Healthcare Consulting, an industry-leading consultancy specializing in medical imaging. Together, we will combine our talents and resources to help healthcare IT pros tackle medical imaging obstacles, something we both believe is going to be one of the fastest-emerging market spaces in healthcare IT.

The partnership will help physicians leverage images so they can more efficiently make clinical decisions. This is key because physicians have to sort through a ton of clinical content in a patient’s electronic health record simply to find the information they need.

But by creating a thoughtful approach to acquiring, storing and surfacing medical images, Logicalis and Ascendian envision a future where we can predict which imaging studies and lab reports a physician will need to review—based on the patient’s clinical history, the specialty of the provider, and the physician’s past behavior. We can then present a package of pertinent information to physicians upon entering a patient’s room.

It’s not just about the technology. It’s also about clinician workflows. If it’s difficult or time-consuming for physicians to locate relevant images, they may not use them or, at best, they will be very frustrated. In order to be meaningful and useful in the clinical setting, the workflow has to be intuitive and work well within the flow of the physician’s day and the amount of time they dedicate to each patient.

As our partnership evolves, Logicalis and Ascendian plan to help healthcare IT pros build the technology they need to efficiently acquire, store and surface the information practitioners want—when and how they want to see it. Find out more about our plans and the partnership between Logicalis and Ascendian, and then explore the healthcare solutions Logicalis has to offer at