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The interest in converged infrastructures has quickly accelerated as more and more businesses realize the business value they deliver. A converged infrastructure unifies the core data center components—servers, storage, networks, applications and IT resource management—all into a single, integrated IT platform. Businesses purchase converged infrastructures, such as the Cisco FlexPod, as a whole rather than buying separate systems.

Deploying a converged infrastructure gets IT excited because they can standardize on one set of technologies for all the compute, network and storage devices. A converged infrastructure also provides a single, pre-validated hardware platform that allows IT to easily manage the entire data center environment.

Such an environment produces several more key benefits:

  • A foundation for advanced technology stages such as IT automation
  • Tightly-integrated resources to dynamically meet processing and storage needs
  • Simplified network complexity
  • Improved application performance
  • Reduced data center costs associated with deployment, management and maintenance
  • Shortened IT service-implementation times
  • More effective utilization of existing IT assets

A converged infrastructure platform essentially brings new levels of efficiency into your data center, helping you meet today’s end-user needs while also setting the groundwork for transitioning to the cloud in the future. And by deploying a high-performance, edge-to-core solution—from the data center out to your mobile workforce—you can boost IT performance with a more energy-efficient network, increased flexibility, and improved centralized management.

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