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At Logicalis, we often discuss the benefits of Digital Transformation, from providing operational flexibility and efficiency to creating additional capacity to building new revenue streams. We recognize that one of the key components of the journey to becoming a digital business is the ability to automate everything in your IT infrastructure.

The digital economy or idea economy is here today. IDC predicts that by 2019, 40 percent of IT projects will create new digital services and revenue streams that monetize their data. The digital economy is also fast-paced and software-driven, forcing organizations to accelerate application development and delivery just to remain competitive. This means IT organizations must reinvent their processes to provide the IT resources that power the business.

The starting point for most companies comes through virtualization – Gartner says most organizations have server rates exceeding 75 percent. That’s a good thing, because virtualization fundamentally changes the way IT services are provisioned and consumed – moving toward an on-demand delivery model. Virtualization enables greater operational efficiencies, including the automation of processes, configurations and IT provisioning.

Two major hurdles remain, however, before these same organizations can truly benefit from the power of virtualization and automation to gain a high level of agility. While most organizations maintain virtualized compute and storage environments, many have not taken the next steps to virtualize their networks and associated security services.

Network and security services virtualization, like server or storage virtualization, is a game-changing technology. You can quickly spin up unique virtual networks and then create, move, copy, delete and restore virtual networks as needed – through software controls alone and without the need to reconfigure the underlying hardware infrastructure.

By automating the delivery and management of infrastructure and applications, including network and security services, your IT organization can quickly respond to business needs and do so in a reliable and repeatable manner. Automation smooths the road to digital transformation while increasing security and agility.

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