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Today’s organizations rely on key technologies to move their businesses forward. These technologies—collaboration, security, and cloud—ensure secure communication and collaboration across your infrastructure so you can deliver a great customer experience.

But achieving secure communication and collaboration challenges many organizations. Having a partner with in-depth technical expertise can give you the confidence needed to drive greater organizational effectiveness.

Key pillars for organizational effectiveness

  • Collaboration – To maintain a competitive edge, today’s global organizations—and the people within them—must collaborate. In fact, companies that promoted collaborative working were 5 times as likely to be high performing, according to a recent Forbes article. Organizations that can effectively integrate collaboration tools with everyday business applications will provide seamless user experiences that help their people work together more efficiently, anywhere and from any device.
  • Security – Today’s threat surface has never been bigger or more complex. Consider this troubling information: Dangerous, self-propagating malware has the potential to take down the Internet, according to the 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report from Cisco. Effectively battling these threats and protecting valuable assets requires a comprehensive and proven approach that proactively addresses security. For this approach to be effective, organizations require a common infrastructure that integrates security throughout the network, while layering innovative technologies that help you adapt to new threats.
  • Cloud – Today’s cloud solutions and technologies are transforming how organizations consume infrastructure services. But managing and integrating cloud solutions with internal IT systems and practices still challenges many organizations. Before implementing a cloud solution, your organization will need to:
    • Have a business strategy that evaluates the risk/reward of the choices available to you.
    • Entrust a collaborative and reliable business partner to help you make the right choice.
    • Make sure your business partner has proven knowledge of security and compliance. 
    • Address in-house skills gaps needed to implement, monitor and manage cloud solutions.

Why Cisco Master Specialization?
Cisco Master Specialization partners have the highest level of expertise, plus technical and services capabilities in given technology areas and architectures. They demonstrate a very high level of knowledge and experience, and have invested in the people, processes, and network management tools to service very complex network environments.

Turn to these partners for demonstrated expertise in selling, deploying, and providing services for these more sophisticated Cisco solutions.

Why Logicalis?
Logicalis holds three Cisco Master Specializations in collaboration, security, and cloud. That means that Cisco trusts us to act as an extension of their organization to help you architect, design, implement and support solutions that are right for your organization.

  • Master Security – Logicalis can help you add security to all aspects of your network, nimbly respond to new threats, and get the security coverage you need with the latest security solutions. In fact, Logicalis was recently honored with Cisco’s Architectural Excellence Award in Security for the Central US.
  • Master Cloud Builder –Trust Logicalis’ proven capabilities to build and deploy cloud-ready data center infrastructures by integrating cloud applications and services, data centers, and networks. Logicalis strategically organizes and accelerates your cloud adoption initiatives and ensures your cloud decisions are aligned to business needs.
  • Master Collaboration – Logicalis offers industry-leading voice and unified communications solutions that help you increase productivity, improve customer service and reduce costs.

Finally, Logicalis is one of just 6 Cisco Global Gold partners. If you have a global business or want to grow globally, trust the successful 20+ year Logicalis and Cisco strategic partnership to help you achieve your expansion goals.

Watch this video to learn more about what Logicalis—with Cisco Master Specializations—can mean for your organization.

Renae Johnson is Senior Director of Logicalis’ National Cisco Alliance, responsible for managing one of Logicalis’ largest vendor partner relationships and growing its Cisco solutions, software and services business in the U.S.