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Many companies suffer from downtime issues, slow speed and lagging performance. Flash-based storage could be the answer to boost data performance and resiliency — but that doesn’t mean it’s a no-brainer.

We’ve done the research in our new White Paper, “Why Transition to Flash Storage? Bridge the Gap between Apps and Data.” In it, you’ll get a detailed look at creating performance and resiliency in your business with solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Logicalis that deliver:

  • Predictive analytics
  • Fast, reliable data access
  • Downtime prevention
  • High-impact, low-expense solutions
  • Even greater storage potential with Logicalis

To get started, here are the most asked questions and the answers needed to start building a business case for flash-based storage solutions.

  1. How fast is flash-based storage?
    All-flash solid-state drives offer speeds of 8,000 IOPS versus hard-disk drives that top out at around 400 IOPS, which is especially significant with system and endpoint boot and loading speeds. Redundant data storage can slow systems down and lead to disk fragmentation. Flash storage uses deduplication, leading to faster processing times and more capacity.
  1. How expensive will flash storage be?
    The truth is that flash storage will cost more upfront but less in the long run by delivering markedly improved ROI. Flash-based storage solutions use less power and barely produce heat, which significantly lowers server room power/cooling bills. Flash also allows you to scale storage capacity with business needs, giving you more bang for that buck.
  1. How long will flash-based storage last?
    Legacy storage solutions have many moving parts that can lead to breakage without warning. Flash-based storage solutions have no moving parts and are known for their stability and durability in the face of spontaneous damages. With less wear and tear, they will have longer lives and better resilience in areas prone to natural disasters.

At Logicalis, we’re here to help maximize your options with HPE predictive flash arrays:

  • HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays are built for speed and target high-performance or latency-sensitive workloads where all-flash performance is critical.
  • HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays combine high-performance flash with cost-optimized disk drives to achieve optimal price and performance for mixed workloads.
  • HPE Nimble Storage Secondary Flash Arrays let enterprises put their backup data to work with inline deduplication and compression.

Logicalis: Your strategic HPE flash storage solution provider
Logicalis is an HPE Platinum Partner and international solution provider that helps customers advance IT capacity for powerful business outcomes. We’ve pioneered our Extensible IT platform to help companies break free from the infrastructure capacity limits that hold them back from their initiatives.

As an IT partner, we can help you extend your infrastructure capacity from the data center to the cloud — with security, efficiency and manageability. We leverage the skills of our 4,500 employees to speed IT deployment, enable digital transformation and improve data and application availability with best-in-class tools like HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers.

Logicalis was named both a CRN MSP 500 Elite 150 and CRN Tech Elite 250 company in 2018 and ranks number 10 among the world’s most strategic and innovative managed service providers, according to the Channel Futures 11th annual MSP 501 Worldwide Company Rankings.

Download the White Paper, “Why Transition to Flash Storage? Bridge the Gap between Apps and Data” now to see how…

Brandon Harris is the Senior Director for HPE Solutions responsible for managing the business that Logicalis does with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. 

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