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Customer Service Week:  What Customer-Centricity Means to Logicalis Employees
This week is Customer Service Week and we’re honoring our employees because we couldn’t have a customer-centric culture at Logicalis without them.

But it’s not just the employees on the front lines. We’ve built a customer-centric culture that puts customers at the center of the Logicalis universe. Here are just a few examples.

Hear what Logicalis employees have to say
To prep for this blog post, I sent an email out to my team and asked what customer-centricity means to them and how they apply it to our customers. Here’s what some of them said:

“Customer-centricity to me means reaching beyond a simple transaction with a customer. It’s looking at how we can embrace our customer’s goals and help them roadmap to their own better future. It’s the conscious decision of turning them from a customer into a partner for success.”  – Caitlin Taylor, Sales Operations Specialist

“Partnership…very simply put. It allows me to confidently tell my prospects/future customers we are truly customer-centric…working as one to provide the best outcome.” – Christy Sparks, Director of Business Development 

“Even though I may not have direct contact with customers, the timeliness and accuracy of everything I do is an investment in our customers’ success.” – Logicalis back office employee

Going above and beyond for our customers
For two of our healthcare provider customers, Senior Solution Architect Corey Smith—a “reformed” programmer—was a literal lifesaver.

After a divestiture, our first customer needed to quickly connect its nationwide clinics to its new headquarters data center. The solution that we specified for them met all their requirements. Only later did we find that a specific software feature that the customer needed was in beta testing and wouldn’t be available for at least 18 months.

What did Corey do?  He worked overtime to write critical code that would immediately give the customer the feature they required.

The second customer was moving its primary data centers across the country—a monumental undertaking for a very large healthcare provider. Their Epic system needed to connect to different hardware for data protection purposes. When the project team couldn’t get their backup software working in the new environment, Corey again jumped into action and wrote some scripts that automated the process and got the backup software working exactly as needed.

Ensuring customers get the recognition they deserve
This customer was also seeking the coveted Epic Honor Roll recognition. This prestigious program recognizes healthcare organizations that implement significant process improvements that positively impact patient outcomes, quality of care, workflow efficiency, and financial performance. Because of Corey’s tenacity, this customer was able to achieve Epic Honor Roll recognition.

The value Corey provided these two clients far exceeds expectations. In both cases, he worked late into the evenings and on his own time—and without additional billing to the customer—to write scripts that would solve these customers’ issues and help to meet their requirements.

Of Corey, Logicalis US CEO Vince DeLuca recently said: “This is exactly the kind of mindset, skill and culture that I am passionate about having at Logicalis.”

So thank you to all of our employees who keep our customers top of mind always.

We look forward to helping our future customers turn “problem” technology into your organization’s greatest advantage. Contact us and we’ll show you how.

Mike Houghton is the Chief Sales Officer for Logicalis US where he helps to bridge the gap between customers’ needs and the Logicalis teams serving them—sales, marketing, supplier, technical and professional services—to solve business issues.