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This post, featuring our customers, is the last in a 3-part series on customer-centricity for Customer Service Week. The other two focus on customer-centricity from our employees’ viewpoints and from the industry perspective.

Customer Service Week:  Putting Customers at the Center of Our Universe

Finally, we could not celebrate Customer Service Week without a nod to our customers who live at the center of the Logicalis universe.  

What does this mean? Our customer-centric culture means that our entire team is invested in thoroughly understanding your mission, your requirements, your goals and your expected outcomes. At the end of the day, we just want to help you turn technology into a valuable business asset that helps you succeed, not a problem to deal with.

Here are some recent examples:

Helping you work through mergers and acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions are among the most difficult transitions to work through, especially when it comes to the time needed to integrate disparate technologies.

Access, the largest privately-held records and information management services provider in the U.S. and Latin America, had grown rapidly in recent years through a series of acquisitions. While a boon for the company, the internal IT team was stretched to its limits helping the fast-growing number of end users—which took time away from the company’s strategic growth initiatives.

Vice President of Conversions, Applications and Support Carole Baker immediately recognized that they needed to augment the company’s help desk services and set about searching for an outsourced provider. She chose Logicalis because of our ability to meet their growing needs as they continue with their expansion plans.

Soon after launching the Logicalis Service Desk, Carole attended a company-wide management meeting where everyone raved about how happy end users were with the Logicalis team and how “IT came across as big heroes.”

Logicalis then helped Access deploy a new voice solution by rolling out Cisco VoIP technology to 26 locations, with plans to support additional acquisitions. In addition, Logicalis was asked to provide managed services for the voice system at all its 40 locations.

We solved the customer’s immediate problem by providing professional help desk services. With the IT department having more time to focus on more strategic initiatives, Access can confidently achieve their fast-growth plans.

Read the full Access case study.

Helping you grow your global presence
For most organizations, growing globally means expanding into new markets. With 26 offices around the world and as one of just 6 Cisco Global Gold partners, Logicalis can easily help expand your presence both locally and globally.

But what happens when you’re a small Midwestern university with a budget to match? When this university received a generous $1 million gift to build “classrooms of the future,” they didn’t hesitate.

The Logicalis team worked with university and departmental leadership to turn a standard classroom environment into a forward-looking, consistent, campus-wide collaboration environment. The end-to-end Logicalis solution included everything from developing and implementing the Cisco-based WebEx collaboration solution to providing both end-user training and professional development for the staff and faculty to on-site and after-sale support. 

Today, through their collaborative campus, the university can “bring in” standout lecturers from all over the world, giving students a global experience and helping the school better compete with larger colleges and universities.

To our customers, we all thank you. To our future customers, we look forward to helping you turn “problem” technology into your organization’s greatest advantage. Contact us and we’ll show you how.

Mike Houghton is the Chief Sales Officer for Logicalis US where he helps to bridge the gap between customers’ needs and the Logicalis teams serving them—sales, marketing, supplier, technical and professional services—to solve business issues.