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How CEO Jon Groves is Leading Logicalis Through a Pandemic

Who is Logicalis U.S. CEO Jon Groves? What’s his leadership philosophy? More importantly, what’s his favorite beverage?

Leading an IT solutions and services company always brings challenges, particularly when—shortly after joining the company—a major business disruption impacts your business and your clients’ businesses.

Logicalis U.S. CEO Jon Groves understands these challenges all too well having joined Logicalis on March 1, 2020, shortly before a pandemic was declared, forcing Logicalis employees and many of its clients into work-from-home scenarios.

In this Channel Futures “It’s 501 Somewhere” interview, Jon talks about his unique leadership experience and the people-centered approach he relies on to pilot the company through this unprecedented time.

He’ll also discuss the three tenets that have become paramount to his leadership philosophy—and how he’s laying the groundwork for Logicalis U.S. to successfully navigate through future business disruptions moving forward.

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