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How to Wring Savings from On-Prem with HPE GreenLake Infrastructure Service

Before the pandemic, IT teams were constrained by legacy infrastructures that were too costly to overhaul to keep up with today’s business demands.

But the pandemic changed all that. Organizations were suddenly forced to all but ditch their legacy infrastructures for modern cloud environments that better enabled their newly remote workforces.

Consider this:  spending on public cloud data center infrastructure jumped 25 percent year over year to nearly $17 billion in second quarter 2020, according to data from Synergy Research Group, as providers scampered to meet outsized demand. At the same time, enterprise data center spending on hardware and software dropped 3 percent year over year.

The public cloud offers many powerful benefits, including the ability to agilely deploy workloads. But it isn’t the answer for every workload. Nor should it be.

The curse of high capex and lengthy procurement cycles

While many businesses require on-premises IT to meet business requirements for security and compliance, performance, or control, on-prem solutions typically involve lengthy procurement cycles and heavy capital investment—both of which drive up costs and disable agility.

To be ready for the next business disruption, whatever it may be, organizations need the best of both worlds:  infrastructure services that allow them to operate their IT on-premises, while taking advantage of the cost and agility benefits of the public cloud.

4 ways to save with an on-premise IT infrastructure service

One solution is HPE GreenLake, a consumption-based, on-premise IT infrastructure service that enables you to easily scale up to handle fluctuations in demand and changing business conditions.

With an infrastructure consumption model, you’ll get out from under old technology and into the latest technology. At the same time, you’ll pay a monthly usage charge that is typically less than what it costs to maintain your old technology.

The HPE GreenLake pay-as-you-go model also frees up cash flow and reduces the need to plan for long-term capital expenditures. According to a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact™ report, HPE GreenLake customers:

  1. Shortened time to market by 75 percent – Customers noted a significant decrease in time-to-market for global IT projects after their HPE GreenLake investment.
  2. Reduced capex spend by up to 40 percent – Customers eliminated overprovisioning on infrastructure, as well as expenses for technology refreshes, particularly as infrastructure requirements continue to evolve.
  3. Saved an average of 60 percent on professional services/contractor costs – Customers eliminated maintenance and professional services expenses with included personalized support from HPE.
  4. Improved IT productivity by 40 percent – Customers eliminated routine infrastructure support, administration, and planning tasks, enabling their IT teams to strategically support business initiatives.

There are also indirect benefits that may further savings, such as:  eliminating the time needed for capacity planning, taking advantage of the latest time-saving capabilities, tightening security by having HPE experts servicing the equipment, and improving productivity with less downtime and faster application and service delivery.

Finally, the Forrester report found that a global organization with 5 PB petabytes of storage and $8M worth of physical assets could expect a net present value of about $14.9M over three years and achieve a 147 percent ROI over the same period using HPE GreenLake.

Why customers choose HPE GreenLake

In the Forrester analysis, customers chose HPE GreenLake for its global footprint, expertise, and ability to help drive the economics of public cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT.

Where GreenLake brings real value is in growing environments, regardless of the size of the organization or the user base. So long as the environment requires future capacity, GreenLake will be a good fit.

Logicalis:  Helping you achieve cost savings with a modern on-premise infrastructure

An HPE partner since 1993 and authorized to represent HPE globally, Logicalis knows HPE technologies inside and out and has a strong relationship with the HPE team. Together, we’re committed to delivering the right solution for your business needs.

To fully understand those needs, we’ll conduct an executive-level workshop with your key stakeholders. Then we’ll perform an assessment, before architecting a solution for your consideration. In fact, we recently helped a global financial services customer implement HPE GreenLake for storage in less than 30 days!

Watch this Logicalis + HPE webinar to learn more about IT challenges and trends from 451 Research and how HPE GreenLake can help you wring cost savings from a modern on-premise IT infrastructure.

Brandon Harris is the Senior Director/Data Center Technology Sales for Logicalis, responsible for helping to solve customers’ data center issues.