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Modernize Your Storage Infrastructure and Stay Within Budget 

Data continues to grow unabated. We’ve quickly gone from peta- to exa- to zetta- and we’re well on our way to yotta-bytes. That’s a yotta data!

It’s no secret that these growing data sets are no match for legacy storage systems. Legacy storage has many pitfalls 

The question is…how do you modernize your storage infrastructure so you can better extract the maximum value from your data? In other words, do you want to spend your time and money managing storage…or getting business value from your data? 

Data management challenges 

Trying to manage all of that data on storage infrastructure that’s older than five years can handicap organizations. Not only does it continually require costly new capacity to keep up with data growthit lacks the performance required by today’s modern applications. 

In addition, older platforms are increasingly time-consuming to maintainModern storage platforms offer far more advanced capabilities thalegacy storage systems—like AI and machine learning, automation, and prediction—which can improve IT efficiency through “hands-off” issue detection and prevention. 

Finally, hardware upgrades/refreshes are themselves expensive. Purchasing capacity today is significantly more cost-effective than it was five years ago. For example, the average cost of a typical HPE Nimble Storage array is about $125,000. Five years ago, that same capacity would have cost $750,000 or more. 

Another option is to send all your data to the public cloud. But there’s a financial risk. If your data starts spiking, your cloud costs will follow suit. If you then decide to bring your data back on premises, you’ll be forced to pay the provider’s expensive egress charges.

New intelligent on-premises storage, like HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storageis easier to manage, relatively low cost, and still provides the control needed to secure data and ensure high performance. Plus, you can reap the benefits of the cloud by moving data between your data center and the cloud—without paying exorbitant fees to do so. 

Nearly “hands-off” storage for tier 0 apps: HPE Primera 

Intelligent HPE Primera provides fast, always-on storage for mission-critical applications. It sets up in minutes, upgrades transparently, and is delivered as a service so you can instantly access your data. With HPE InfoSight, you can predict and prevent disruptions across the infrastructure stack with 100% availability guaranteed.  

Self-managing, self-healing, self-optimizing: HPE Nimble Storage 

Intelligent HPE Nimble Storage ensures always-on and always-fast applications, delivers the cloud experience everywhere, and improves IT agilityInstalls and upgrades can be done in 15 minutes, without specialists, resulting in 79% lower IT operational expensesCloud-based predictive analytics capabilities enable 86% of issues to be predicted and resolved and self-optimizing features provide 99.9999% measured availability, guaranteed. Finally, HPE Cloud Volumes enables the flexibility to move data and applications to the cloud and back as needed, while avoiding cloud lock-in. 

  • Benefits: Increased business value, greater storage efficiency, improved IT productivity  
  • Cost impacts: 
    • 487% five-year ROI  
    • 49% reduced total cost of operations  
    • 7 months to payback  
    • 62% more efficient IT storage staff  
    • 36% less staff time spent on keeping the lights on  
    • 59% improved storage deployment agility
    • 69% reduced unplanned downtime
    • $4.6 million revenue saved due to improved performance 

Head off problems before they occur: HPE InfoSight 

AI-powered HPE InfoSight, included with HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storage, predicts and prevents issues from occurring. It continuously collects data from every HPE storage array deployed around the globe, and then aggregates, analyzes, and correlates this data across the installed base, generating signatures that monitor the incoming data stream and automating L1 and L2 support. For issues that require escalation, L3 support engineers with full-stack expertise can quickly identify root cause for 69% faster time to resolution. And you won’t have to call HPE, they’ll call you. 

  • Benefit: Ensures availability and performance 
  • Cost impacts: 
    • 73% fewer support tickets 
    • 85% less time troubleshooting storage 

Move your data to wherever it’s needed: HPE Cloud Volumes 

You own your data so you should be able to control where it goes—without paying expensive “ransoms” to retrieve it. HPE Cloud Volumes enables you to move your data between your data center and the public cloud for archiving, backup to the cloud, additional copies, etcBuild your own multicloud data center and quickly on-ramp data to the cloudmove it to another provider, or move it back on-premises without costly egress charges.  

  • Benefit:  Move data between the data center and the cloud 
  • Cost impacts:  No lock in, no cloud egress charges 

Convert capex to opex: HPE GreenLake 

With HPE Nimble Storage and HPE Primera, you can forgo the upfront costs of new hardware and achieve on-prem cost savings through consumption-based HPE GreenLakeLease new hardware and pay monthly for what you use (including HPE-certified service technicians), convert capex to opex, and scale storage on demand. 

  • Benefit:  Unlimited capacity to scale 
  • Cost impacts:  No upfront capital, predictable monthly payments 

Logicalis: Your HPE Platinum Partner and solution provider 

An HPE partner since 1993, Logicalis has a strong relationship with the HPE team, is HPE-authorized in 15 countries, and knows HPE technologies inside and out. We’re also committed to delivering the right solution to enable your modernization initiatives. 

To start, we’ll conduct an executive-level Data Center workshop with your key stakeholders to fully understand your needs, discuss real-world use cases, and explore storage solutions that might fit your specific environment. We’ll then provide expert recommendations for next steps. 

Contact us for more information or to schedule a workshop. We’re here to help you navigate change and meet your business goals. 

Brandon Harris is the Senior Director of Data Center Technology Sales for Logicalis, responsible for helping to solve customers’ data center issues.