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How You Can Outpace Pandemic-Era IT Skills and Talent Gaps (or What You Can Expect from an IT Services Provider)

As organizations struggle to acquire the right skills for today’s digital technologies, reports about a mass migration of workers from their jobs continue to emerge. According to the Microsoft 2021 Work Trend Index, 41% of the workforce is considering leaving their employer this year.

Some of the hardest hit industries are those that did double duty during the pandemic, says Fast Company: healthcare, hospitality and retail and technology. And, with geographical boundaries disappearing, many more options have suddenly opened up for workers.

Clearly, hanging on to your talent pool—and filling IT skills and talent gaps—in the months ahead will become challenging, to say the least.

Forrester: 60% use IT services providers to fill gaps

The fast-changing technology landscape also brings many more options, introducing greater complexity and making it difficult for organizations and IT teams to keep up.

As a result, 74% of IT decision makers report that they cannot meet their organization’s demand for IT expertise with internal resources only, according to a recent Forrester survey.

In the same survey, lack of in-house technology skills or knowledge is cited by 55% of IT leaders as their top challenge and more than 60% are already using IT services providers to fill both staffing and skills gaps. As businesses struggle to recruit critical IT talent, they’ll increasingly lean on IT managed and professional services providers to fill the gaps, as well as educate and align stakeholders on priorities.

These IT decision makers report that the benefits of IT services providers are considerable:

  • Lower risk – 71% believe that help from IT services providers reduces risk when deploying new technologies.​
  • More strategic – 54% said they are working with IT services providers to enhance their strategic-level planning.
  • Greater agility – 45% are seeking technology solutions that can be delivered via flexible consumption and/or as-a-service models during times of change.

IT services providers can help organizations evolve and innovate, enable better business outcomes and provide greater agility to navigate change. Forrester goes on to say that: “IT services providers offer their expertise and best practices, enabling internal staff to focus on innovation efforts and achieve critical outcomes.”

Logicalis: Providing IT expertise when your business requires it

As Architects of Change™, Logicalis is leading the change by actively responding and adapting to change ourselves. We’re upskilling our services teams, enabling you to access the specialized expertise needed to achieve your desired outcomes—without having to make multiple hires.

As a managed IT services provider, Logicalis can provide the technology expertise needed to help you manage your IT strategy, fill skills gaps or solve short- or long-term talent needs so you can focus on delighting your customers and driving revenue.​ Services include:

  • Full 24x7x365 Managed Service offerings (via our AIOps-powered Digital Service Platform*)
  • Remote infrastructure management (cloud, backup/DR, communications and collaboration, network, security, data center, etc.)
  • Service Desk*
  • Mature enterprise IT service management (ITSM) and automation
    *A Logicalis Global Center of Excellence.

As a Logicalis managed IT services customer, you can expect:

  • Skilled technology professionals without the HR hassle
  • Access to a global portfolio of services and capabilities
  • Incident prevention with proactive monitoring
  • Service consistency across technologies and locations
  • High service and customer satisfaction levels
  • Quicker delivery of ITIL maturity and service management to your business
  • Stable, predictable costs
  • Add-on IT Professional & Consulting Services, Dev/Ops and other IT services available

Remember…we are here to help. Learn more about our IT Managed Services and Service Desk. Or contact us for more information.

Michael Strysik is a Business Solutions Consultant for Logicalis, responsible for understanding our customers’ challenges, goals and objectives and how Logicalis services can help.