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Join Talent Network and Use MOS Code to Search Technology Jobs

Logicalis CEO Jon Groves said in a previous post that people are critical to our success. As such, we strive to attract the best talent and develop and reward them for their leadership and performance.

As inaugural and incoming leaders of our largest employee resource group, the Military Personnel Employee Resource Group (MPERG), we support the company by helping to facilitate employment and career advancement opportunities for those who currently serve or who have ever served in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and, now, Space Force—whether on Active Duty or in the National Guard or military reserves—as well as military spouses.

In just our first year as an employee resource group, we’ve defined our mission and are actively working to achieve our goals on behalf of the military personnel that represent some 20 percent of Logicalis’ workforce. Here’s some of what we’re doing to help train and recruit military members.

Adding MOS codes to our recruiting process

One of the things that we’re really excited about is the addition of military occupational specialty codes (MOS codes) to our HR platform.

As members of tightly connected teams, military members perform highly skilled jobs, often using the latest technologies, in support of missions bigger than themselves. In essence, says, they develop real-world experience in some of the most challenging environments in the world.

Though the challenges are completely different, their experiences otherwise closely match what we look for in Logicalis employees: the ability to work in a team-centered environment, often in technology-centered roles, in support of our customers around the world.

Adding MOS functionality to our HR platform enables military members, veterans and their spouses to enter their MOS code and receive a list of open positions that match their skills and experience. Even better? This global platform will return open positions in any of our locations around the world, enabling them to pursue jobs using their global experience.

Working to achieve Military Friendly® Designation

We’re also working to achieve the Military Friendly Designation for Logicalis, both as part of our commitment to be better employers of veterans and to serve as an example to other companies in our industry.

This recognition is given to companies that successfully recruit and retain members of the military community—active duty members, reserve and guard service members, veterans and military spouses.

It’s a strenuous process that involves evaluating data that we provide—such as, quantifying how many military members we’ve hired and retained—along with public data and surveys of our veterans—by their advisory council. The data is then pushed through a pre-determined algorithm following their methodology. The results are then audited by one of the Big 3 auditing firms.

We’ll keep you posted as we move through this process.

Join Logicalis’ Talent Network

Military members, veterans, and spouses can now also join Logicalis’ Talent network. By joining, you’ll receive notifications of all new openings within your skill set and desired region(s). We invite you to tell other veterans, military members and spouses so they can sign up as well. 

You’ll be hearing more about our community support and services activities. In the meantime, we’re collecting what we’re calling “veterans’ voices.” These videos allow you to hear directly from our military and veteran employees about their service and the value that each of them brings to Logicalis and our respective communities.

As Manager of Platform Services at Logicalis US, Ed Graves is the inaugural president and founding member of MPERG. Craig Perry, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition & HRIS at Logicalis US, serves as incoming president of MPERG.