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100 Businesses Who Care: How Logicalis Supports Disadvantaged Young People in Our Community

Words can’t express the gratitude and pride I have working for a company that not only invests in their people, but also invests in the communities in which they do business. But I’ll do my best.

At Logicalis, we feel strongly that we have a social responsibility to support our local communities. In particular, we aim to raise aspirations by providing educational support to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We do this by actively participating in local charitable programs, as well as holding fun and educational fundraising initiatives within our offices.  It’s incredibly important to give back to our communities and it’s rewarding to recognize the positive impact that we can make on other people’s lives.

It’s in that spirit that I, as a representative of Logicalis, joined 100 Businesses Who Care, a group of top decision-makers from Southeast Michigan who want to make an impact on our local community.

Multiplying the love in our community

How does it work? Companies that join 100 Businesses Who Care, like Logicalis, commit to donate $500 twice a year to charities based on the recommendations of its members. Member companies submit the names of charitable organizations that they believe are worthy and then three charitable organizations are randomly drawn. The members who submitted the drawn names then make a pitch for their respective charities.

After pitches have been made, members then vote for the charity they believe is most deserving. The “winning” charity receives a $500 contribution directly from each member organization. If you do the math, that’s 100 member companies providing a donation of $500 each for a total of $50,000 to the chosen charity. And because we do it twice a year, a total of $100,000 will go back into our community each year.

The 100 Businesses Who Care Giving Equation

100 Businesses x $1,000 annually = $100,000 impact locally

And the winner for spring 2022 is…

This spring’s winner is Bridgepointe, a nonprofit that—through the time and talents of its 300 hands-on volunteers who give approximately 20,000 hours each year—works to enhance the lives of children and their families in Detroit.

Because they believe that schools are the center of the community, Bridgepointe has been bringing volunteers into classrooms and school neighborhoods for twenty years. They provide a variety of services—from literacy, tutoring, and other academic enrichment programs to after-school activities, career fairs, and social support.

We’re thrilled to support Bridgepointe and look forward to seeing how young lives can be impacted through our community of businesses. Donate to Bridgepointe

I also want to take a moment to recognize the other two nominees as they are also worthy organizations in need of support:

  • FernCare Free Clinic – Treats people who are between 19 and 64 years of age and who don’t have medical insurance or a primary care provider.
  • The Cassie Hines Shoes Cancer Foundation – Provides young adults with cancer the social support programs and services that can help them manage their mental healing as well as their physical battle.

Logicalis: Making a positive impact in our communities

As an interdependent part of the communities that we live in and work in, Logicalis strives to create community-driven solutions that make a positive impact. As Architects of Change and with a strong history of community support, we believe it’s part of our mission to not only create change through monetary donations but also through volunteerism.

Whenever we can create community-driven solutions that make an impact in the communities we live and work in, it’s a win for everyone—our employees, our customers, our partners, and especially our communities.

Visit 100 Businesses Who Care for more information. Or, if your business would like to become a member, contact me and I will put you in touch with the right person.

Alison Bartalino is Vice President & Controller of Logicalis US, responsible for managing all accounting functions and financial reporting and acting as a strategic business partner in support of the CFO and executive team. A passionate advocate for people, she also serves on Logicalis’ Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee and the Logicalis Women’s Initiative Network.