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How Managed IT Services Help to Modernize Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturers continue to struggle with significant challenges, including how to streamline operations, deliver better user experiences, and develop new services. To tackle those challenges, they need to increasingly integrate IT and OT systems (as well as legacy systems and newer technologies), re-focus their scarce IT resources on their core business, and find the technical talent needed for their digital transformation initiatives.

More and more, manufacturers are relying on managed services providers (MSPs) and their pool of technical talent and broad expertise for both utility IT services as well as strategic technology advice and delivery.

Tech Target takes a deeper look into how manufacturers are moving from keep-the-lights-on contracts to transformative partnerships to help them navigate their digital transformation.

In the article, “Explore Unfolding Managed IT Services for Manufacturing,” Logicalis COO Mike McClain explains how Logicalis helped one manufacturer investigate costly quality control issues along its production line. He describes how Logicalis then implemented automation and intelligent technologies to not only improve the manufacturer’s quality control process, but also to help them land a seven-figure ROI.

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